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Selections from Goodreads 

The Love That I Have by Aussie author James Moloney is my first by this author, and what a wonderful, heartfelt and emotional journey he took me on. Love, loss, courage and bravery; this phenomenal WWII story will stay with me for a long time to come. The ending was exceptionally well done – I have no hesitation in highly recommending The Love That I Have to fans of historical fiction.

Brenda, Goodreads

 Whew. As is often the case with books set in WW2, this is a heartbreaking story with just enough touching moments to restore your faith in humanity. I couldn't put it down.

Kyliew, Goodreads

 What an absolutely moving love story set in one of the most terrible times and places in history. I found this hard to put down whilst at the same time there were times I didn't want to read any further as my heart was breaking. I think this story and the feelings it has left in me will stay with me for quite a while.

Claire, Goodreads

 I loved this book. A story that is so authentically regaled, it is as if you are reading a memoir. Those of us who never tire of diving into this tragic period in history, will find something fresh in Moloney’s tale. A simple yet compelling story, with a well weaved plot that will make everything seem so real. War is horrific, whatever side you are on, yet the bravery expressed through pure love and devotion from this tale will touch your heart.

Helen, Goodreads

 I finished this in a few hours, but have been thinking about it for days.
It was the love story I was looking for in The Tattooist of Auschwitz but that was let down by the writing. I ended up wishing James Maloney had written that book.

Kate, Goodreads

 Letters to the Author

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful novel. I have just finished reading The Love That I Have and I don’t want to start another book for a while. I don’t want your story to leave me. Thank you so much.

Anni, Darwin, NT

I found the portrayal of suffering on all sides in wartime an entirely realistic but often unacknowledged theme. Reading of the courage of humanity amidst cruelty, showing the best & worst of human behaviour added to the richness of your story. The way young love can develop & prevail & finally the complexity of human relationships & life itself resonated a great deal.

I lived with my husband & children in Germany for 3yrs & one of our neighbours told me of how people starved during the war & of neighbours stealing from each other in order to eat. We were in Duisburg & then Düsseldorf - areas that were very heavily bombed. So I found an anti-war love story from the German perspective compelling reading.

 Kind regards, Andrea

 I picked up the book for some light reading over the weekend and proceeded to neglect all my adult responsibilities until it was finished as I really just needed to know how it ended. You have such a wonderful way of writing, it was so smooth (for want of better word) that I didn’t even notice I was reading, it felt more like I was 'in' the book. The ending which is so often a let-down was a highlight, totally believable and satisfying... if only we knew what happened to Renate!  I am excite to have only just discovered you work as I now have a few book filled weekends to look forward to.

 Janine Sabeh

 This book moved me beyond anything I’ve read before. The pure love, raw humanity and romance brought me to tears. I finished the book, and couldn’t stop thinking about it for months, so I decided to write and let you know. I haven’t read any of your other works, but I soon will.

The characters were perfectly created. Smart, and honest, Margot and Dieter have intertwining stories, creating a passionate tale. You addressed so many world-wide issues, not just the Holocaust, but issues to the present day about how humans have lost touch with compassion. I have recommended it to many of my friends, and it will join my list of favourite books.

 Kind Regards, Luna

 I have just finished listening to your book, complete with tears.

I have never written to an author before, but I thought it only fitting to let you know how moving I found your book. I am especially interested in this period of history and have visited many of the concentration camps you referred to, including Sachsenhausen. “Lest we forget.” I believe we should never forget the horrors human has done to human. It is a frightening thought that ‘believers’ like Muti, in spite of all the evidence revealed, are still with us; and worse, popping up in all corners of the globe today.

I often checked to see that I was indeed reading a book written by a man!  I think you did a beautiful portrayal from both male and female perspectives. Proving once again human emotions are genderless.

 With thanks, Carolyn, Melbourne


From Reviews

The Love That I Have is a novel that encapsulates with the greatest of empathy, the vulnerability, compassion, and difficulties faced by both imprisoned and ‘free’ Germans during WWII. Moloney masterfully shows that owing to the division created during WWII there was no freedom for anyone, imprisoned or otherwise. Margot and Dieter’s relationship is one of mutual respect, compassion, heartbreak, and triumphant love.

The Love That I Have is a timeless and utterly heart-warming yet heartbreaking love story. I read this book in early January and though it is now March, I can honestly say I’ve thought of this story often and fondly.

AusRom Today


Told with compassion, 'The Love That I Have' is a beautiful, heartbreaking and affecting read. With moments of shock and deep sadness, its intrinsic message of hope manages to triumph, delivering a gripping and emotional read you'll be sad to see end. Definitely one for book club, just don't forget the tissues.

Women’s Weekly

The Love That I Have should be an educational experience for many entertained and amazed readers. We take our freedoms for granted and the stark comparisons between our own carefree lives and the inhabitants of Nazi Germany are a chilling reminder of how important it is to maintain these privileged liberties. This is a book that belongs within a bookcase, the one you can reach for, then show your houseguest and say…”Now, this is a great story I’m sure you would like…”

Carl Delprat on Compulsive Reader


When I received book mail this week, I opened my parcel to discover a copy of THE LOVE THAT I HAVE by James Moloney inside. It’s always such a thrill to receive a book, and I cracked it open in an excited rush, intending to read the first few pages and then move on to other work. But this novel had other plans for me and by midday I had finished the book and was a sobbing mess in the kitchen.

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