Swashbuckler and Buzzard Breath and Brains







When Peter McNeill is about to be pulverized by the local bullies at his new school, he is saved by a strange figure in fancy dress who thinks he is the Scarlet Pimpernel. Meet Anton, one hundred percent fruit loop. He lives in a private world of knights in shining armour and gallant swordsmen. Peter becomes Anton’s friend and discovers his secret - that the brave swashbuckler is actually a fraud. In the face of the real sadness in his family, Anton’s courage fails … until Peter comes up with a plan.






Buzzard Breath and Brains

After Swashbuckler, everyone wanted to know what happened to Rex and Tony, the two bullies. Well, here it is. Rex has a cousin named Natalie. If you thought Rex had an attitude problem, wait till you meet Nat, queen of the netball court and a terror to anyone who crosses her. Rex and Natalie end up on opposite teams for the "great netball massacre" - boys against girls. But who gets thrashed? And what does that clever little weasel, Tony, get up to in Buzzard Breath and Brains?


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