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Each year, the young villagers of Moberg are sent into the forest for a few days to test themselves without any grown-ups to watch over them. This way, they learn how to take care of themselves, who are the most courageous among them and who are the natural leaders. Hauk and his cousin Thora prove they are a match for anyone, even though Harald and Kalf see themselves as captains of 'Sea Wolf', the long ship their fathers sail in on their summer raids.

When they all return to the village, however, they discover Moberg has been savagely attacked by the warriors of a rival chieftain, Agnor Bloodtooth. The men of Moberg have all been slain - their fathers, their uncles, their older brothers, their grandfathers. Only women and little children remain alive - and the young Vikings like Hauk and his companions who were absent during the massacre. It is up to them to avenge this brutal crime. The gods demand it of them. But how? None of them has fought in a battle before. If they attack Bloodtooth's men they will all be killed, and who will look after their mothers and the little children through the harsh northern winter?

Still grieving for his father, Hauk Johanson finds himself thrust into a struggle with Harold for leadership of these young Vikings. They must train to fight like men, he declares. And when they take their revenge, they will stay alive to boast about it afterwards. For that, he and Thora must come up with a clever plan ....










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