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Crossfire - This is the story of Luke Aldridge, a guy who fancies himself as a hunter and rifleman, like his father. But when Luke gets a chance to go shooting wild pigs in Australia’s outback, he discovers the adventure is not quite as he imagined. And the targets are not always animals …



The House on River Terrace traces the history of an old Brisbane family, the Fieldings. Through the story of four of his ancestors, Ben Fielding discovers that there is tragedy and betrayal to be found in the past as much as there is the triumph that his politician father likes to revel in. His own search for the truth becomes intertwined with his affection for a 'street kid' named Jess. It all comes to a head one fearful night on the cliffs beside River Terrace, when Jess slips and Ben goes after her.


A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove.

(This is my favourite YA novel and others seem to agree because it has won three awards, including Book of the Year.)

Meet Carl. He is over weight and doesn’t think too well of himself. Abandoned by his mother, he blames himself and fears that no one will ever care for him - that he is unlovable. This does not stop him from saving his little brother Harley, in more ways than one. Come and share Carl’s search for love and a place for himself in the world.

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Touch Me tells the story of Xavier McLachlan, a boy in Year 12 for whom footy means life. Always one of the best in earlier years, he finds his abilities questioned and his place in the school's top team under threat.

Then he meets Nuala Magee, an angry girl with her own ideas about footballers. Xavier's relationship with Nuala forces him to challenge everything - his friendship, his mates and his view of himself in the world.

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Many of my novels are quite serious affairs, but not this one.Black Taxi is just for fun.

Meet Rosie Sinclair - a failed hairdressing apprentice who's gone back to school for some peace. When her grandad takes a 'holiday' in gaol, he gives her the keys to his much-loved old Mercedes and his mobile phone. Those two gifts lead Rosie on a wild adventure through the lives of some spritely old people, a bunch of criminal heavies who think she has stolen their jewellery and two (yes, count them, two) gorgeous guys who chase after her heart.

I'm still laughing from the fun I had writing this book.

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Lost Property is the story of Josh Tambling who’s seventeen, well loved and cared for by his parents – his Dad’s a famous former footballer, in fact. Josh and his mates have formed a grunge metal band and dream of being rock stars. Life’s pretty good.
But when he lands a holiday job in the Lost Property Office at Sydney’s Central Station, Josh starts to sense the loss of some important things in his life. One of them is his brother Michael who has drifted off and won’t let anyone know where he is. The stress this is putting on his family grows, so when Josh discovers a clue to Michael’s whereabouts while handling lost items in his work, he sets out on his own to bring him back.
Things don’t work out as he planned, but ultimately Josh finds what is most important to him.

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